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It is possible to think yourself well

I came across this post on CNN and kept it open in my browser for 2 days before I read it.  I can relate to being physically healthy confirmed by CMP, eating well, maintaining my weight and yet feeling physically ill to the point that anxiety became almost a daily event.  Though I never considered myself a negative person, I found deep inside, I was sad or perhaps more accurately, I was mildly depressed. Both my parents passed away not long ago.  The final months leading up to that day was filled with a subtle dread and anticipation they would soon be gone.  In each case, I missed saying goodbye to them within mere minutes.  I've been apart from my kids, I miss them, I felt stressed, fatigued and overwhelmed.  Why? 

It took almost 7-8 months to figure out what was the root cause of my illness.  It wasn't denial.  It was more like a search, turning over every stone looking for the answer.  Finally, I had eliminated, tracked down and validated the cause.  It was my words.  I was telling myself I was tired, fatigued and overwhelmed.  This gave the emotions/feelings more power.  While healing didn't happen overnight, I began overwriting those thoughts with gratefulness, loving, healing thoughts.  One day my sister passed me a link to TED. From there, I saw a video The upside of stress: Kelly McGonigal at TEDGlobal 2013.  That short video was timely.  It helped me begin my healing process. I began telling myself "stress is my friend" instead of tired, fatigued and overwhelmed.  It helped me to gain power over my anxiety.  The upside to this experience is that I learned so much more about health, stress and myself.  I've made better choices as a result.  My daily breakfast is oatmeal (optimal amount for reducing triglycerides), egg whites and one cup decaf coffee.  For lunch and or dinner I have a hearty salad with nuts, fruits, cheese, avocados, bananas.  I continue to eat salmon, chicken and lean meats.  Overall, the biggest change is experiencing enhanced well being.  "It is possible to think yourself well" 

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