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It is possible to think yourself well

I came across this post on CNN and kept it open in my browser for 2 days before I read it.  I can relate to being physically healthy confirmed by CMP, eating well, maintaining my weight and yet feeling physically ill to the point that anxiety became almost a daily event.  Though I never considered myself a negative person, I found deep inside, I was sad or perhaps more accurately, I was mildly depressed. Both my parents passed away not long ago.  The final months leading up to that day was filled with a subtle dread and anticipation they would soon be gone.  In each case, I missed saying goodbye to them within mere minutes.  I've been apart from my kids, I miss them, I felt stressed, fatigued and overwhelmed.  Why? 

It took almost 7-8 months to figure out what was the root cause of my illness.  It wasn't denial.  It was more like a search, turning over every stone looking for the answer.  Finally, I had eliminated, tracked down and validated the cause.  It was my words.  I was telling myself I was tired, fatigued and overwhelmed.  This gave the emotions/feelings more power.  While healing didn't happen overnight, I began overwriting those thoughts with gratefulness, loving, healing thoughts.  One day my sister passed me a link to TED. From there, I saw a video The upside of stress: Kelly McGonigal at TEDGlobal 2013.  That short video was timely.  It helped me begin my healing process. I began telling myself "stress is my friend" instead of tired, fatigued and overwhelmed.  It helped me to gain power over my anxiety.  The upside to this experience is that I learned so much more about health, stress and myself.  I've made better choices as a result.  My daily breakfast is oatmeal (optimal amount for reducing triglycerides), egg whites and one cup decaf coffee.  For lunch and or dinner I have a hearty salad with nuts, fruits, cheese, avocados, bananas.  I continue to eat salmon, chicken and lean meats.  Overall, the biggest change is experiencing enhanced well being.  "It is possible to think yourself well" 

Creating Affluence

Hi C,

This is the CD where Deepak Chopra lists "the A-Z Steps to a Richer Life" and the "personality traits of God | the unified field".  Why not emulate God. Choose God as the role model. It reminded me of the Ralph Waldo Emerson essay "Character".  This CD helped me is where I learned non-judgment and put me on the track toward self forgiveness.  After listening to it maybe 100 times, it sat on my bookshelf, move after move, for 15 years until I finally replaced the cassette with a new CD last month.  I hope you enjoy it. 



Spirit of Success

To C

This is post number one.  Spirit of Success: File size 51mb ISO file with MP3.  This is from Deepak Chopra and I think this particular recording is in line with the speaker you mentioned, Bruce Lipton.  It seems to be easier to manage and share from a single SkyDrive directory. Text me if you can't access the file. short link